Have your say on what infection outcomes are most important in kidney transplantation!

“Infection” is a core outcome domain that patients, caregivers and health professionals agree is critically important to report in all research (clinical trials) in kidney transplantation. This 5-10 minute survey aims to find out which infection outcomes are most important to patients, caregivers and health professionals. This will help to ensure that the most relevant infection outcome will be reported in research to inform decision-making. The survey will close 20 April 2021 and all participants will receive a copy of the results.


SONG-Tx Infection Expert Working Group

Elmi Muller (Chair) | Groote Schuur Hospital, South Africa
Emily Blumberg | University of Pennsylvania, United States
Daniel Brennan | Johns Hopkins University, United States
Brooke Huuskes | LaTrobe University, Australia
Greg Knoll | University of Ottawa, Cadana
Camille Kotton | Harvard University, United States
Nizam Mamode | Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom
Hai An Ha Phan  | Viet Duc University Hospital, Vietnam
Helio Tedesco-Silva | Hoital do Rim, University of Toronto, Brazil
David White | Dreyfus Health Policy and Research Center, United States
Sam Chan (Project coordinator) | University of Queensland, Australia
Andrea Viecelli (Project coordinator) | University of Queensland, Australia