Cardiovascular disease

“Cardiovascular disease” is a core outcome domain that patients, caregivers and health professionals agree is critically important to report in all research (clinical trials) in kidney transplantation. We have completed a systematic review of the reporting of CVD outcomes in trials in kidney transplantation and will soon launch a survey to establish a core outcome measure for cardiovascular disease.

SONG-Tx CVD Expert Working Group

John Gill (Chair) | University of British Columbia, Canada
Angela Wang | The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kon
Benedicte Sautenet | Université de Tours, France
Deirdre Sawinski  | Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, USA
Giovanni Strippoli | University of Bari, Italy
Jolanta Malyszko | Medical University of Bialystik, Poland
Klemens Budde | Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany
Adeera Levin  | University of British Columbia, Canada
Nicole Scholes-Robertson  | The University of Sydney, Australia
Patrick Rossignol | Université de Lorraine & FCRIN INI-CRCT, France
Tazeen Jafar | Duke – National University Singapore, Singapore
Will Herrington| Oxford University, United Kingdom
Wolfgang Christoph Winkelmayer | Baylor College of Medicine, USA
Greg Wilson (Project coordinator) | University of Queensland, Australia
Andrea Viecelli (Project coordinator) | University of Queensland, Australia