Graft health

Why SONG-Tx Graft Health?

Graft Health was identified as a critically important outcome domain by patients/caregivers and health professionals through the international SONG-Tx Delphi Survey and consensus workshops. The “graft” refers to the kidney that has been transplanted into the patient (recipient). Graft health includes graft loss, graft function, acute rejection, and chronic rejection.

Despite being an important outcome domain, graft health is not always reported in trials in kidney transplantation. For example, graft loss is reported in only about half of the trials conducted in kidney transplantation. Also, graft health is reported in many different ways, which makes it difficult to compare the results across trials.

The aim of SONG-Tx Graft Health is to establish a core outcome measure for graft health to use in all clinical trials involving kidney transplant recipients.

SONG-Tx Graft Health Expert Working Group

Greg Knoll (Chair) | University of Ottawa, Canada
Barbara Murphy | The Mount Sinai Hospital, United States
Benita Padilla | National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Philippines
Emilio Poggio | Cleveland Clinic, United States
Kai Ming Chow | Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Krista Lentine | Saint Louis University, United States
Lorna Marson | The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Rainer Oberbauer | The University of Vienna, Austria
Roslyn Mannon| University of Alabama at Birmingham, United States
Steve Chadban |
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Australia
Benedicte Sautenet (Project coordinator) |
Tours Hospital, France

Project updates

We are currently completing a systematic review on the reporting of graft loss in trials in kidney transplantation. A stakeholder consensus workshop on establishing a core outcome measure for graft health was held 1st May 2017. Twenty-five kidney transplant recipients/caregivers and 33 health professionals from eight countries participated. The workshop report has now been published in Transplantation.

Based on this work, the core outcome measure for graft health is: GRAFT LOSS  defined as chronic dialysis for more than 90 days / repeat kidney transplant (time to event)